Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lippmann Believe with Dots

 SO.....I was trying to replicate the beautiful dotted mani that had so much controversy swirling around it in pinterest. (someone had erased the watermark then pinned it- BAD MANNERS!) but I couldn't leave it at creams, no, I had to go and get shimmers- I pulled out all my swatchsicles (go see earlier posts) and decided on the gorgeous shimmery cream called Believe by Deborah Lippmann. This is an icy golden foily glass fleck with pink and teal specks - I promise, it's whiter than my camera shots can show- a soft ivory-
Macro shot (not mine- Ironspy credit)
I added various dots with Catrice Goldfinger, Revlon Aloof and Revlon Espresso- Revlon Quick Dry tc the Seche Vite over. Creamy and dreamy.


  1. i agree those were really bad manners... :(
    This manicure is gorgeous! i love dots!
    Hugs! :)