Saturday, June 16, 2012

KB Shimmer Vegas Bomb

This polish makes me yearn for a camera and lightbox! I WISH I could show you the realio trulio glitters jammed into this murky yellow pigmented base (with tiny red glitters) Here is her link so you can see what it REALLY looks like! :::sigh:::
Being the frugal polishaholic I am, I layered two thin coats of Vegas Bomb over a couple coats of Sally Hansen Salon Yellow Kitty- a thin, ever so slightly greenish streaky yellow, but the same base as VB. (saving grace with Sally Hansen Salon- LOVE LOVE the wide brush)  KB Shimmer has an amazing talent for making polishes with pigment that don't overshadow the glitters, as well as using amazing base that suspends the glitter perfectly- no digging, very little dabbing.  One coat of prolana Quick and Slick and one of Poshe- smooth except for a very few of the large holo squares.
Pics taken in various lightings


  1. Glitters is my love! :)

    A new blogger here.
    Hoping you could drop by my blog too. It would be very much appreciated! :)

    Thank you! :)

  2. Lovely, i can't wait to try my KB SHIMMERS

  3. so so cute! I really need a lightbox to improve my photos also ;) but in yours, we can see its a really cute polish ;)