Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pretty and Polished Bubble Tea

My daughter and her husband AND MY GRANDSON are in town from California and I had been saving P&P's Bubble Tea for her. I only got a mini, so that *may* be why it was incredibly hard to get the black glitter out of the bottle, even though I had it upside down for a day. Also, the polish is quite thin and sheer, so we wound up using 4 or 5 coats on her nails. It's quite pretty, with a faint shimmer to the base, but it had so many layers it peeled away in sheets the second day. I have not had this issue with several other polishes by the same seller, but it's still quite an unusual and pretty polish. Very unique.

SOMEONE needs practice "posing" hehe


  1. wow 4 to 5 coats is disappointing xx hugs to grandson xx

  2. It's OK. I've been in living in Cali for so long, that when I visit FL even my nails get greasy/ sweaty and I cannot keep polish on longer than about 12hrs (no matter what brand). Here in Cali I can get a few days, maybe a week from my polished nails. Maybe it would help the polish if I didn't have to "finger sweep" in my son's mouth for food on occasion, lol!


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