Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beth's Birthday Special

My dear friend and fellow lacquerista Debbie Crumpet has a darling daughter Beth who turns 9 today, June 3. She hinted around, she asked,well, she demanded that everyone, every single blogger post a special mani dedicated to Beth. (she actually asked pretty pretty please if it wouldn't be too much trouble or bother)

I agonized over this manicure. Should I pick pink and glittery? Should I do cupcakes and birthday type stuff? Should I do (gasp!) purple, since it's Debbie's fave, and, after all, SHE was the one that gave birth to the wonderful Miss Beth.

Nope, I decided to use, for the first time, the rarest polish I have, a custom made for me by the now missing in action Amanda Collier of Nerdlacquer. Back in February AC made me a polish based on her bronzy-coppery Cuprum, but added a ton more orange glitter, naming it Cuprum Flaming- here is her email about it-

You're very welcome! :D I thought you'd like that special-edition version of Cuprum! It's got a ton of bright orange glitters as well as the regular it'll make a killer top coat, too. Enjoy!


I started with a base of the micro-glassfleck Gosh Orange Drops- a fairly sheer but perfectly shimmery, juicy pale orange. Three coats made it nearly opaque, than I dabbed on Cuprum Flaming on the tips.

So, since Beth is one-of-a-kind, I dedicate my one-of-a-kind polish manicure to her- here's blessing you with a very very happy birthday, lovely Beth, and many more! 

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  1. oooh - going through my weekend blogroll and i spot this! werent we just talking about this polish! i love it!


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