Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whimsical Kee & Wee

I've been mourning the apparent death of the company nerdlacquer (not the creator, I hope!) and have been spreading my net far and wide looking for non topcoat indie glitter polishes, the ones that don't need anything under them. I finally took a good look at Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam here. Interesting way to order, you send her an email with your list, wait a bit, get an invoice, pay and then she ships. I think it took about 10 days total to get my polishes. My first foray here is with the apple green Kee & Wee. It contains large silver, pale gold (I think) hexes, smaller hexes of the same, and tiny teal and silver micro glitter. Much of it gets sunk into the green, but it's slightly jelly and completely opaque in three thin coats. One coat Gelous and one of Poshe in the pictures. There's a depth and a clear design to this polish that tells me it wasn't thrown together, it was created. I'm glad she made this, it's unique to my collection, and I'm looking forward to trying others and seeing what Pam has planned for the future!


  1. Just bought Seuss and kismet's pajamas. The bottles are even awesome.

  2. KeeWee looks great on you!
    I've worn all her polishes but three, each for a week at a time and the wear is amazing! I'm sure you will love any other color you choose from her collection. :)

    1. funny you say that! Mine chipped (big fat chips) after one day!(and that NEVER happens- I wear my manis 3 or 4 days each) I used Orly Bonder, maybe they don't play well, I will try nailtiques or CND Stickey next time. It also smelled like Kleancolor polish, ick.


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