Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gold Topcoat Comparison

I realized when I brought home yet ANOTHER gold topcoat I was addicted- to gold topcoats. This is a comparison of the 9 (yes 9) I have that are sheer enough to put over other colors. You may be able to skip buying a few, as there are 1 or two complete dupes here. From left, we have (1 coat each) Essie As Gold As It Gets from the fall 2011 set, CND Gold Sparkle from there stock line of Effects, Deborah Lippmann Here Comes The Queen I got in the Juicy Couture 3 pack, NYX Girls Gilded Glitter (personal fave) L'Oreal Amazon's Flash from the fall 2011 set that had the amazing Owl's Nest) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Set the Stage (always available) CND Gold Sparkling from the Holiday 2010 LE Duo Orly Shining Star (btw this stinks!) Essence Circus Circus Don't Feed The Tiger and a random, gratuitous swatch of the new China Glaze I got, Techno (A reissue for the new Electropop Spring 2012 collection)

One coat each over black:

 Clearly the Essie AGAIG and CND GOld Sparkle are dead-on dupes, the DL is similiar, but denser, you could use two coats of the others to duplicate. The NYX is my favorite- I love the shards of gold- very edgy and bright, I have an earlier post with this over butter LONDON British Racing Green- LOVE! The CND Gold Sparkling and Orly are similiar, with CND having smaller holo particles (and not smelling) SH is in it's own class with gold hexs in a clear base, and Essence is amazing- the black squares don't show up over black, you gotta try this over gold or anything light if you have it! And the China Glaze is total holo large hex and small mini glitter.


  1. Awesome post! I never thought to layer the gold L'oreal like that, and I forgot about SH Set the Stage - I see lots of layering in my future!

  2. great post - i love comparisons, but they do take a lot of effort xxx

  3. great post! I'm glad to see someone else who has ton of gold topcoats!