Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ice Cream Nails?

Trying to keep with my theme of Green weekends, yet wanting to use the new Essence duo "Don't Feed the Tiger" glitter (the other end is a pretty yet not unusual gold foil) I layered one coat of the glitter over Revlon Aloof and Edgy from the Edgy Elegance LE that was out briefly last fall. I had read that using the two together made the tiny gold glitter in the topcoat disappear and I didn't want to be guilty of that! These foils are very interesting, these two I kept and gave the others away 1. because the colors weren't anything I would wear and 2. the texture was like trying to paint you nails with whipped cream. The coverage is marvelous, though, I could have used one thick coat and been perfect. This mani has Seche Rebuild under and Seche Vite over.
My kids say this looks like mint chip and cookies and cream ice creams.