Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Orange Done Right!

I've been very pleased with the beautiful linear holo known as Hits No Olimpo Demeter but was wanting to layer it to save the tiny 6ml bottle. Bettina recently launched a Disco line with a gorgeous orange shimmer (that turns green over black, promise!) so I layered Bettina Starfish then Hippie then Demeter- Demeter on its own is slightly peachy but no more! I present a true orange holo manicure!


  1. this is really a great orange! :)

  2. that would look GREAT with some purple on top ....... xx

  3. I have Demeter and was bummed that it wasn't oranger than it is. I am going to try and layer it. I don't have any of those other oranges but I'm sure I have one or two (or ten) oranges in my collection!