Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paula's Nails

Paula decided she was going to do color blocking and did the whole thing start to finish- all China Glaze polishes- For Audrey, Solar Powered and Make Some Noise from the new Electropop collection out now. She did the tree and lines with CG Concrete Catwalk. This pic was taken pre-cleanup.


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  2. I love these! They make me think of a Mondrian painting. :)

  3. I can't let her read this- don't want her to get a big head! Thanks!

  4. This looks cool! I just did a Mondrian mani yesterday for the 52 week challenge :) love this style.oh and I wanted to tell you that I changed my blog name from nonsenseandnails to GypsysGlitter . If you still want to see my posts I think you'll have to follow me again :)

  5. I love manis like this. It's so striking!


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