Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspired by a painting in the ladies room at a bar

I saw this picture in the bathroom at a taproom we were at recently and snapped a pic thinking my surfer/singer/sensitive/inlove daughter might like it for a manicure and, sure enough, she did! I did this over Seche Restore base, THREE coats of OPI Stranger Tides- (streaky but worth it- it's an unusual color) and painted the leaves in acrylic I mixed up- purplish brown. The birds are a random OPI red I think. Out the Door topcoat.


  1. i LOVE this.. seeing things like this make me wish my hands didn't shake and I was artistic! haha.

    1. I used paint for the branches if you use a fast dry topcoat before you do the art you can wipe off mistakes with water or alcohol :)